Wheelmart is a Michelin and Continental Tyre Dealer and Retailer and we also specialize in Tyre Retreading. We are driven by safe, reliable and durable tyre brands and are on a mission to provide the most trusted experience to our customers across Jammu, Kashmir & Ladakh

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About Tyre Retreading

Tyre Retreading is the process through which old tyres are reused to perform like new tyres and that too for a fraction of cost. In this process, worn out tyres are modified with a new tread, to give new life to old and weary tyres. Retreaded tyres is an ideal alternative to brand new tyres because they are environmentally friendly.


With similar standards as new tyres, retreaded tyres are cost effective.

long lasting

Retreaded Tyres offer similar levels of safety and comfort as new tyres.

Why you should choose Retreaded Tyres

Tyre retreading renews tyres at 1/3 of the cost of new tyre
Safe On-Road Experience

  Retreaded tyres offer the same safety levels as that of new tyres.


Environmental friendly

Retreaded tyres reduce the Carbon Dioxide emission which occurs to manufacture new tyres


Cost Effective

Tyre retreading can save you a considerable amount of money as retreaded tyres are less pricey.

Great Performance

Retreaded tyres perform the same as a new tyre and give efficient tyre mileage.

Process behind Tyre Retreading

Take a look at our working process

How We Work ?

Here’s what goes behind the retreading process   

After the initial inspection, the tyre is ready for Buffing. In this, certain portions of the tyres are cut out in order to remove unnecessary elements .


During this process, the cause of the damages to the tyres is found out. Also, these damages are treated in a way to avoid future damage.


After the completion of Repairing process, certain materials are added to the casing to improve the natural properties and efficiency of the tyre.


In Curing, heating process is done to check the level of the tire and to find out the quality of the rubber . After this final inspection will done..



Are retreaded tyres really as safe as new tyres?

Yes, Retreaded Tyres offer the same degree of safety as with new tyres. Properly maintained tyres, whether new or retreaded, will help you have a safe on-road experience. 

How long do retreaded tyres last?

The life of a retreaded tyre is 70-80% as compared to that of a brand new tyre. And  with proper maintenance and care, retreaded tyres provide the same amount of service as compared to new tyres.

Are retreaded tyres suitable for all kinds of driving conditions?

Retreaded tyres can be driven wherever new tyres can be driven, but this may not work if the tyres are underinflated or bald, which is similar for new tyres also.

How many times can you retread a tyre?

 A tyre can be retreaded at least twice or thrice and this will cost you 40% less than the cost of a brand new tyre.


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